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I don’t know who might be following this or stumble across it, but it does get some notice from somebody, since a mistake gets drawn to my attention quickly enough.   I may have driven people away by making too many assertions and not enough requests for anything.  This may be because I have too much of some things, too much social survey data, for instance.   There is a mountain of it.   Over the years I’ve collected some, but never found quite the right data.  So let me just ask —

Does anyone know of an education dataset with raw test answers in it?  Not scores, actual answers.  With the questions and correct answers, too, of course.   That would be especially nice if some other information about the students were contained.    Has anyone got some of their own material, not a published dataset, but just test answers from one or more of the tests they have administered themselves?

I am always looking for compatibility data.   I’m not comfortable with trying to derive this information from more general surveys.   I can do that using marriage-success data, but that is a stretch. 

Lots of what I want to do involves using data which just doesn’t exist, never having been collected, to the best of my knowledge.  But there really is a mountain of data out there, and who knows what might have been collected.    Let me just fantasize about something I have never found, that might exist —

I would like a dataset which includes individual characteristics, interpersonal compatibility information, occupation and job history information, and answers to questions of fact.  

I can find nothing with all of this, but I do have a tiny bit of information from electoral studies, in which people stated something about themselves and were then asked what they knew about the candidates.   Since some of this is factual information which can be checked  — candidates, party, incumbency, age, views on various topics,  it is possible to see factual errors, almost like the answers to test questions.   That, combined with information from the user about him or her self, is definitely useful, and some occupation information sometimes goes with that, but nothing whatsoever about interpersonal compatibility.

I wrote before about patching together the data from many sources to get what I want.  I am sure I will still have to do that, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.  Please help if you know of any available datasets that I might use.  — dpw

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