Finding Compatibility Data in WLS

I am still looking for better sources of the information most important to me, but I have had some luck with the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study.   Just a bit, but some.   On question, repeated on different instruments asks how close the respondent feels to his or her spouse.  A very few other questions refer to amount of sexual pleasure with a spouse.  Taken together, they do give some very limited indications of compatibility.   What makes this useful is that there are a number of questions asked the respondent about their spouse, and a few questions in which the spouse give some data about himself or herself.   It’s not a lot of information, but it is some, and since it is a longitudinal study, there is some indication about how this changes over time.    It will take me a while to make use of the data and I sure wish there was more, but there is enough to get started.

I have had much more luck locating information about jobs.  The WLS asked a lot about occupation and job satisfaction.  I’ll work with that data as I find time, but for now I am anxious to see if I really can get anything useful out of the limited interpersonal data.  — dpw

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